Our Vision

Accountants should understand your business and the world of technology.  We believe in helping our clients with their businesses or taxes using the latest in accounting software and communications.  As every client is different, we spend the time upfront to understand your business, requirements and come up with a custom solution that supports your needs.  Not everyone is tech savy, and we aim to help you with as much as you are comfortable taking on!


Two Married Accountants – Sounds Boring

Yes, it’s true…..well somewhat. We are both accountants, married, met in the same accounting office but far from boring.  We provide personal tax and small business services to a number of individuals and companies.  We started Jones & Cosman Chartered Accountants to answer a demand in the market for professional advice beyond just spreadsheets.  Our philosophy is to create a partnership with you and give high quality business advice.  We understand small business owners needs from the point of view of  a certified accountant. We have  real operational experience and can give you trusted advice. Our philosophy is for your business to succeed!

E-Commerce Experience – A Message From Rob

E-commerce…we get it. Not just a high level but the details. We know the Amazon reports you should be pulling to figure out your sales taxes. We ask questions about the us marketplaces you sell on that you might not even be aware of.  Our unique knowledge allows us to help online sellers at a level far beyond simply doing bookkeeping.  Our team has experience with clients selling on various marketplaces and platforms. Here are a few. 

  • Amazon.com
  • Amazon.ca
  • Ebay
  • Walmart.com
  • Houzz.com
  • Shopify websites
  • Woocommerce websites
  • Homedepot.com
  • Etsy.com
  • Jet.com
  • and more!
A little history now.  My first website was back in 1998. I was hearing about people selling online and I wanted to make a website.  I started in my dorm room by opening up an Amazon webpage, right-clicking and selecting save as.  I then opened that page in an HTML editor called Frontpage Pro and tried to code my own website.  It actually worked and I created an ok site. Then I convinced the local tel-com company NBtel at the time to create an online payment processor for me and together we created the first payment processor in New Brunswick.  It wasn’t sexy but it charged customers and got money to my bank account.  From that point on I was hooked.
Fast forward to 2014 when I started selling on Amazon again, first with some private label weight loss supplements (yes they sold, but I didn’t like the liability), and later partnering with one of my best friends to really jump into selling on Amazon.com specifically in shoes and clothing.  That business has ramped up from a few thousand a month to 7 figures in only a year using wholesale, retail arbitrage and online arbitrage strategies.
I also consult with a number of clients selling products on various marketplaces and have build websites, brick and mortar businesses and move along the way and can help you bring your vision to a reality.

The team behind Jones & Cosman

Rob Cosman, CPA, CA


Rob Cosman

Rob completed his Chartered Accountant designation at KPMG Halifax in 2003 working on small to large clients in a number of industries ranging from non-profits to public companies. After completing his designation, he joined KPMG Cayman Islands where his clients were international and SEC registrants. Returning to Canada in 2006, Rob has served in a number of operational roles at a senior level from controller to CFO, in various industries ranging from banking, retail sales, consumer packaged good and telecommunications. Rob has always had an entrepreneurial flair. He has launched new ventures and consulted with a number of small businesses over his career. When he isn’t crunching numbers, Rob enjoys crossfit, travel and good times with his two sons!


Marsha (Jones) Cosman, CPA, CA



Marsha began her accounting career in Winnipeg, Manitoba as summer student with KPMG. In 2001, she received her designation after having worked on various sized clients in industries ranging from retail to financial services to non-profits. Marsha moved to the Cayman Islands and worked at the firm auditing various hedge fund companies and banks. The last 10 years she has worked for the same bank managing between over ten billion dollars in assets and a team of 7-10 account managers in Cayman Islands and Toronto. She has several years experience marking the Canadian Chartered Accountancy Uniform Final Exam (UFE) and the Ontario School of Accountancy Practice and Final exams. She is a published author and enjoys scuba diving and ballet.  One of her most successful e-commerce products is a series of children’s books she wrote and published in 3 languages and sold around the world.