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We Speak E-Commerce

Need help getting your e-commerce business off on the right foot we have you covered.

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We Understand E-Commerce Businesses

We get it.  We understand E-Commerce.  We understand taxes and how they both fit together.

There is a lot going on in a business and the last thing you should have to worry about is accounting and tax planning.

Our plans and solutions are designed for each client to provide a level of support that fits each client.

Maybe you need a bookkeeping service to handle all your accounting.  Perhaps only a quarterly check in and let us review your financials, HST and results.  Whatever the requirements we have a solution for you.

Toronto Accountant

Our services include

Corporate Taxes

E-Commerce Consulting

E-Commerce Bookkeeping

Personal Taxes


We Love Email and Skype

In todays day and age, many clients want to send an email or a quick phone call.  We make the time for you and reply quickly.


Wave – Quickbooks

We are all about using online cloud accounting programs.  Access your books and records wherever you are!



Let us help plan your business and tax strategy.  Not sure to take salary or dividends?  What about contractor or employee?  We will answer these questions together.


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